Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall

Located at the heart of Zhongguancun, connected with Metro Line 4, Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall is the place you can’t miss if you come to China’s Silicon Valley. The mall is very multi-functional, containing 5 major groups: Boutique Stores, Pedestrian Street, Sport City, Large Studio-Megabox, Carrefour’s Asian flagship store.

Such a large diversified Shopping Mall provides one-stop shopping experience covering fashion, accessories, fine dining, beauty and entertainment. Possessing of a total area of 50000 square meters, Boutique Stores gathers many international big-name brands; you can find almost any sports staff and brands in Sports City, which owns an area of 40000 square meters; the Pesdestrian Street is a delicacies heaven, gathering all kinds of different restaurants.

Metioned fashion, Boutique Stores is star-studded, containing big-name brands like Mark Fairwhale, ESPRIT, Lacoste, Swatch, Vero Moda, Azona, Ochirly, Baleno, Jake&Jones and much more. Besides, if you need some beauty service, you won’t be dispoint here. There are many popular Spa and Salon stores here, such as Palai Spa, Herborist, Sassi and Pretty Rally.

There are plenty of great food restaurants here, no matter you like West or East food, there is a tast for you. There is popular Japannese restaurant Ajsen Ramen; there is famous Chinese snack Steamed Dumplings; there are Casual Bistro, like Tenfu’Tea and GNC Tchibo; there is famous icecream chain store, Haagen-Dazs; if you want some fast food, there is Mr.Pizza, supplying you a fast, hot and delicious meal.

What can you get there:  jewelry,  cosmetics, household goods, fashion clothes, watches,  office supplies,  electronic goods and much more.

Price:  about 318 RMB per person.

Website:  www.zplaza.net

How to get there:   Metro Line 4, Zhonguancun Station.

Address:  Num.15, Zhongguancun Street, HaidianDistrict. 地址: 海淀区中关村大街15号

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