Beijing to Guangzhou 3 Ways inc Bullet Train/Overnight Train/Flights

The latest ways to get from Beijing to Guangzhou including the new high speed bullet trains, overnight sleeper trains and direct flights.

Comparison Table

Method Cost Travel Time Travel Time + transfers
Flight – Beijing (PEK) to Guangzhou (CAN) 990 RMB  3h 25m +55m+38m=4h 58m
Flight – Beijing (NAY) to Guangzhou (CAN) 1300 RMB  3h 25m +80m+38m=5h 23m
Bullet Train – Beijing West Station to Guangzhou South Station 862 RMB  9h 40m +40m+46m=11h 6m
Overnight Train – Beijing West Station to Guangzhou Station 784 RMB  21h 49m +30m+25m=22h 44m
Overnight Train  – Beijing West Station to Guangzhou East Station 784 RMB  21h 24m +30m+8m=22h 4m


Beijing to Guangzhou Bullet Trains

High Speed Rail rail services to Guangzhou depart from Beijing West Railway Station and terminate at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

The fastest train on this route is the G71 which takes just over 8 hours to complete the journey while the slowest of the bullet trains takes, the G67, takes just over 10 hours.

Fares for the bullet train

  • 2nd Class  – 862 RMB
  • 1st Class – 1,380 RMB
  • Business Class – 2,724 RMB


Beijing to Guangzhou Overnight Sleeper Trains

There are three daily Z type trains that depart from Beijing West Railway Station and terminate at either Guangzhou Railway Station or Guangzhou East Railway Station which is closer to the city center of Guangzhou.

The train journey takes near to 22 hours.

On these trains, you have several ticket options

  • Hard seat 251 RMB
  • Hard sleeper 456 RMB
  • Soft sleeper 784 RMB
  • Deluxe sleeper 1,445 RMB


Beijing to Guangzhou Flights

There are 34 flights daily between Beijing and Guangzhou with the flight time for direct routes taking approximately 3h 25m.

The majority of flights depart from Beijing Capital Internationa Airport (PEK) while there are 3 daily flights operated by China United Airlines that depart from Nanyuan Airport (NAY).

All flights arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN).

Airlines servicing this route with direct flights are

China United Airlines 中国联合航空公司
planes: Boeing 737-700/737-800

China Eastern Airlines 中国东方航空公司 and Shanghai Airlines 上海航空公司
planes: Airbus A320/A321/A330-300, Boeing 777

Hainan Airlines 海南航空公司
planes: Boeing 737-800

China Southern Airlines 中国南方航空
planes: Airbus A330

Air China 中国国际航空股份有限公司
planes: Boeing 747/777, Airbus A330-300,  Airbus A350