Getting to and From Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) is connected via a new subway line to the central area of Beijing. It will be the fastest subway/metro line in China allowing passengers to transfer easily and reach the airport in under 20 minutes. Plus there is a High Speed Rail line from the airport that terminates at Beijing West Railway station in the central area of the city.

Other transfer options include six-city bus routes, intercity bus lines, taxis, and the High Speed Rail Station at the airport connecting you to other cities. There will also be an interconnecting rail line between the existing Beijing Capital Airport.

Subway – Daxing Airport Express (CN: 北京地铁大兴机场线)

Officially named as the Beijing Daxing International Airport Express and part of the Beijing Subway, the Daxing Airport Express is a subway line connects the new Beijing Daxing Airport to the urban area of Beijing. The airport station is located in the basement levels of the airport and is very easy to transfer to and from. For train buffs, it is a driverless automated train and travels at 160 km/h using CRH6 train units.

Tickets prices on the line range from 10 to 35 RMB depending on destination and class. There are 2nd class (pictured) and first-class seating options and luggage bays in each carriage. You will be able to pay via APP or Yikatong card.

Operating Hours: 06:00 to 22:30

Initially, the line will have three stations:

  • Daxing Airport Station大兴机场 (Transportation Center on B1 & B2 at the airport)
  • Daxing Xincheng Station 大兴新城
  • Cao Qiao Station 草桥 (pictured below)

If you are heading to the central Beijing area you can take the Daxing Airport Express from B2 level of the airport to Cao Qiao Station where you can transfer to Line 10, Line 11 or Line 19 and continue to your destination.

  • It will take around 20 minutes to reach Cao Qiao Station from the airport.
  • It will take around 40 plus minutes to go from Cao Qiao Station to the central area of Beijing (at Guomao).


Daxing Airport to Guo Mao/Wangfujing Street/Forbidden City/Tiananmen

Daxing Airport Line to Cao Qiao Station → transfer to Subway Line 10 and head to Guomao Station (exit here for Guomao) → transfer to Subway Line 1 and head to get off Wangfujijng Station and exit for Wangfujijng St. → keep going to Tiananmen East Station and exit subway for Tiananmen Square or Forbidden City/Palace Museum. Total journey time 115 mins, cost 42RMB.

Beijing Subway Map with Daxing Airport Express

click for a larger image of complete Beijing Subway network

See our complete guide to the Beijing Subway

Possible future stations on the route: Guanyinsi (can transfer with Line S6) and Airport North Terminal (can transfer to Line R4, Jingxiong Intercity Railway).

In addition, Line 20 of the Beijing Subway is planned to terminate at the new airport.

High Speed Rail – Beijing–Xiong’an intercity railway (CN: 京雄城际铁路)

This High Speed Rail line connects Daxing Airport Station to Beijing West railway station. It offers travel times between Beijing CBD (Beijing West railway station) to the airport in about 28 minutes. For train buffs, it uses Fuxing trains which are capable of 250 km/h on this line.

It is designed with airport travelers in mind having suitable luggage storage in each cabin. There are three classes of tickets being (with opening pricing which may change later)

  • 2nd class – 30 RMB
  • 1st class – 48 RMB
  • Business class – 90 RMB

You will need to show your passport to purchase a ticket. Tickets can also be purchased online and you can board/exit the train utilising QR code. You can purchase tickets and board this train from the Daxing Transportation Center of the airport in the basement levels.

At Beijing West Station you can connect to taxi services, public buses, and Line 7 and Line 9 of the Beijing Subway.

The rail line has two sections, Beijing West Railway Station to Daxing Airport, and also Daxing Airport to Bazhou, and finally Xiong’an. The airport to Xiong’an section is expected to be completed in 2020.

Beijing Daxing Airport Shuttle Bus

There are six lines the run between downtown Beijing and Daxing Airport.

Route # – Destination
Line 1 CN: 兴航1线(大兴机场-北京站) – Beijing Railway Station – to airport first bus 5:00 – last bus 20:30; from airport First bus 7:30 – last bus 23:00
Line 2 CN: 兴航2线(大兴机场-北京西站) – West Railway Station – to airport first bus 5:00 – last bus 20:30; from airport first bus 7:30 – last bus 23:00
Line 3 CN: 兴航3线(大兴机场-北京南站)– Beijing South Railway Station – to airport first bus 5:00 – last bus 20:30; from airport first bus 7:30 – last bus 23:00
Line 4 CN: 兴航4线(大兴机场-通州) – Tongzhou (Sun Flower Hotel) – to airport First bus 5:00 – last bus 20:30; from airport first bus 7:30 – last bus 23:00
Line 5 CN: 兴航5线(大兴机场-房山)– Fangshan – to airport first bus 5:00 – last bus 21:00; from airport first bus 7:00 – last bus 23:00
Line 6 CN: 和兴航6线(大兴机场-宣武门,夜航线)– Xuanwu Gate (Xanwumen) – night bus – first bus from airport departs at 23:00 and after that every 30-60 mins or until last flight

Ticket Fare: 40 RMB  Departures: every 30 mins for lines 1-5

Line 1 and Line 6 terminate in the central area of Beijing with easy connections to the subway. Journey time is around 120 mins.

It may be worth considering the convenience of bus line 1 over the subway if you are heading to the central area especially if you have large luggage. It really depends on your hotel location/destination as to which method will be most convenient.


Taxi fare estimate from Beijing Daxing Airport to various attractions and destinations

Destination – Fare – Est. Time
Beijing CBD – 175 RMB – 90+ mins
Wangfujing Street – 130-170 RMB – 95+ mins
Forbidden City – 160-200 RMB – 80+ mins
Tian’anmen Square – 160-200 RMB – 80+ mins
Summer Palace – 220-240 RMB – 90+ mins
Temple of Heaven – 140-160 RMB – 75-85 mins

Taxi fare estimate from Beijing Daxing Airport to major train stations

Destination – Fare – Est. Time
Beijing Railway Station – 115-160 RMB – 90+ mins
Beijing South Railway Station -150-175 RMB – 75+ mins
Beijing North Railway Station – 190-200 RMB – 100+ mins

Capital Airport to Beijing New Airport intercity railway connector

Will connect Langfang, Yizhuang, Beijing Sub-administrative Center in Tongzhou District and Beijing Capital International Airport to the new airport. Phase I of the intercity railway connector (New Airport to Langfang East railway station) is under construction.

Tianjin-Beijing Daxing International Airport Railway line

Currently under construction. Intercity buses are available for travel between the airport and Tianjin.