Bilingual Menu of Eight Great Cuisines

Shandong Cuisine

Dezhou grilled chicken: 炙鸡

Bird’s nest in a clear soup: 龙凤酸辣汤

Lotus flower and shrimp: 青辣椒镶虾

Sichuan Cuisine

Kung Pao Chicken: 宫保鸡球

Szechuan Beef: 四川牛肉

Szechuan Prawns: 四川虾

Braised Egg plant: 鱼香茄子

Bean Sauce Tofu: 麻婆豆腐

String Beef: 干扁牛柳丝

Cantonese Cuisine

Sweet BBQ Pork: 蜜汁叉烧

Roasted sucking pig: 烤乳猪

Fricassee three kinds of snakes and cat: 三蛇龙虎凤大会

Steamed turtle with chives sauce: 虾夷葱酱汁清炖甲鱼

King snake with bamboo slices: 蛇王炒鸡丝

Jiangsu Cuisine

Yincai vegetalbes cooked with chicken slices: 鸡汤煮干丝

Crab meat & minced pork ball in casserole: 清炖蟹粉

Squid with crispy rice crust: 桃花饭

 Fujian cuisine

Buddha Jumps over the Wall: 佛跳墙

Sea food and poultry in casserole: 海鲜砂锅

Steamed chicken ball with egg-white: 叉烧芙蓉

Fried prawn shaped as a pair of fish: 桔汁加吉鱼

Crisp pomfret with litchi: 糖醋里脊

Zhengjiang Cuisine

Dong po pork: 东坡肉

West lake vinegar fish: 西湖醋鱼

Shelled shrimps with dragon well tea leaves: 龙井虾仁

Beggar’s chicken( a whole chicken roasted in a caked mud): 叫花鸡

Hunan Cuisine

Dong’an chicken: 东安子鸡

Braised dried pork with eel slices: 板栗红烧肉

Steamed turtle: 清蒸甲鱼

Spring chicken with cayenne pepper: 碧绿花子鸡和麻辣鸡丁

Anhui Cuisine

Huangshan stewed pigeon: 黄山乳鸽

Gourd duck: 葫芦鸭子

Fricassee pork sinew with egg white: 芙蓉海参

Crisp pork with pine nuts: 松子熏肉