As the capital of China, Beijing contains all kinds of Chinese and Western Cuisines. Dining choices are unlimited here, you can not only eat famous Beijing Roast Duck but also enjoy a high-level luxury French Cuisine in Beijing. Now follow me and I will show you what you can expect in amazing Beijing.

Imperial Court Food

In ancient times, only the Royal Family have chance to enjoy Imperial Cuisine, which is cooked with freshest ingredients and fabulous techniques by cook who is slected from thousands of candidates. Nowadays, people are so lucky to have chance to eat them, trust me you will love it! Click here to know more about Imperial Court Food.

Beijing Roast Duck

There are two things you have to do if you come to Beijing: Visit the Great Wall and eat the Beijing Roast Duck. Nothing can compare with this delicious duck with bronzed crispy skin and tender meat. The best way to enjoy it is to use a piece of dough to wrap some skin and meat and eat them together, then you will find amazing things happen! Click here to know more Beijing Roast Duck.

Beijing Snack

There are probably 200 varieties of snacks in Beijing. Most of the snacks can be found throughout the city.  The best place to eat these Snack is the Snack Street, which snack is not only cheap but also authentic. The famous snack are Lvda Gun, Bean Juice, Frid Loop,fried pig‘s tripe and much more. There is no way to miss these delicious snacks.  Click here to know more about Beijing Snack Street.

Beijing Hot Pot

For a foreigner,one of the most famous Chinese food is hot pot. There is no way for you to miss this when you are exactly in Beijing. In the cold winter, eating Hot Pot is so awesome. Some also love to have in summer. Hot pot is so popular in Beijing. Click here to know more about Beijing Hot Pot.

Chinese Cuisines & Restaurants

There are very famous eight cuisines in China: they are Shandong Cuisine,  Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine,  Fujian Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine,  Hunan Cuisine and Anhui Cuisine. As you are in Beijing now, you need to give some of them a try then you can feel the difference between these cuisines and understand that there are many different kinds of culture in wide China. In Beijing, it is easily to find such a kind of restaurant for dinner. Click here to see the bilingual menu of eight cuisines.

Shangdong Cuisine

Shangdong Cuisine rank as No.1 in Chinese 8 great Cuisines, there is no way for to miss it. Shangdong is also the hometown of great thinker, philosopher and strategist- Confucius, one of the most famous people in China. Eating what he used to eat is awesome! Click here to know mre about Shandong Cuisine.

Sichuan Cuisine

Click here to know more about Sichuan Restaurants in Beijing.

Cantonese Cuisine

For many western people, first introduction to Chinese food came through dining at a restaurant featuring Cantonese cuisine. Cantonese Cuisine is very popular among both Chinese and Western people. Click here to know more about Cantonese Cuisine.

Jiangsu Cuisine

If you like cuisine which has the characteristics of strictly selected ingredients, exquisite workmanship, elegant shape, and rich culture trait then you can’t miss Jiangsu Cuisine. Click here to know more about Jiangsu Cuisine.

Fujian Cuisine

Fujian Cuisine holds an important position in China’s culinary art. Fujian dishes are slightly sweet and sour. Click here to know more about Fujian Cuisine.

Zhejiang Cuisine

Thanks to exquisite preparation, Zhejiang dishes are not only delicious in taste but are also extremely elegant in appearance. Click here to know more about Zhejiang Cuisine.

Hunan Cuisine

If you love Sichuan Cuisine, then you will probally love Hunan Cuisine. If you love Sichuan Cuisine because you love taste hot and spicy then youmust give Hunan Cuisine a try since Hunan cooking is even more fiery than most Sichuan dishes. Click here to know more about Hunan Cuisine.

Anhui Cuisine

Last one of eight great Cuisine of China si Anhui Cuisine. Anhui dishes preserve most of the original taste and nutrition of the materials. You can taste the real nature by eating Anhui Cuisine. Click here to know more about Anhui Cuisine.

Western Restaurants

In addition to the thousands of Chinese restaurants, there are also lots of places serving foods from all over the world. You can basically get any type of food you want here, if you know where to find it.

French Cuisine Restaurants

Fabulous, cozy atmosphere and delicate dishes, wanna have a French Cusine with your lover in Beijing? No Problem. Just click here to know where to find excelent French Restaurant in Beijing.

Italian Cuisine Restaurants

Enjoying a dinner containing Milan Style Macaroni  and Fried Spareribs with Mashed Pine Nut  with your lover or friends would make a wonderful saturday night. Wanna know where to eat authentic Italian food in Beijing? Click here to know more about Italian Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing.

American Cuisine Restaurants

American Cuisine is usually simple but also warm and hearty. If you are an American, you may want to find the taste of hometown in Beijing.

Click here to find out where to eat delicious American food in Beijing.

Asian Restaurants

Are you still looking for the special food which could suprise you by totally different flavors? Why not try an Asian restaurant in Beijing?

Thai Cuisine Restaurants

Wanna drink authentic Tom Yum Kung soup and tom kha black chicken soup in Beijing? Click here to know more about Thai Cuisine Restaurant

 Japanese Cuisine Restaurants

Wanna eat authentic Sushi and Sashimi in Beijing? You won’t be disappointed cause you have so many choices in Beijing.

Click here to know where to eat the fabulous Japanese food.

Indian Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

Indian Cusine is so spicy, no one can really reject the deliciou Boneless Butter Chicken, Sarson Ka Saag and Plain Naan Bread . Click here to know where to find authentic Curry Chicken in Beijing.

Korean Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

Except Chinese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine and Japanese Cuisine, Korean Cusine is also very famous and popular in both Asia and the world. Wanna dink some South Korea’s Sake and enjoy Korean BBQ with your friends in Beijing? Click here to know where to find amazing Korean Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing.