Fujian Cuisine

Fujian Cuisine is also called Min Cai, which is one of the most important and popular Cuisine in China. Fujian cuisine comprises three branches — Fuzhou, South Fujian and West Fujian. Generally speaking, Fujian dishes are slightly sweet and sour, and less salty, and often use the red distiller’s grain for flavoring.

There are 4 main characteristics of Fujian Cuisine: 1. You will find many seafood and mountain delicacies in Fujian Cuisine. The basic methods of cooking Fujian Cuisine is  stewing, boiling, braising, quick-boiling, and steaming, etc. 2. The slicing techniques of Fujian cuisine is amazing! It is said that sliced ingredients are as thin as paper. 3. Most Fujian Dishes are served in soup. 4. Fujian dishes stress on a series of delicate procession: selecting ingredients, mixing flavors, timing the cooking and controlling the heat.

Typical dishes are Buddha-jumping-over-the-wall(佛跳墙), flaked spiral shell lightly pickled in rice liquor, litchi fish, and mussels quick-boiled in chicken broth. You must give Buddha-jumping-over-the-wall a try, which is the most famous Fujian dish. Its name implies the Buddha can’t help jumping over a wall to have a taste once he smelled it.

Fujian Cuisine Restaurants Recommended

Fuzhou Club(福州会馆)

Fare: About 100 RMB per person
Recommended Dishes: Buddha Jumping over the Wall, Braised Sea Clam with Chicken Soup
Location: No.30A, Qianbanbi Jie, Xizhimennei, Xicheng District

Xin Hu Lan Restaurant(新壶兰菜馆)

Fare: About 45 RMB per person
Recommended Dishes: Zuozhongtang Young Chicken
Location: Bldg 9, Shuian Changqiaoyuan, Chengguan County, Tongzhou District

Hui Long Guan(洄龙罐)

Recommended Dishes: Special Soup, Smashed Dasheen, Rice Wine
Location: No.44, Qingfengzha Houjie, Dongshanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District

Cheng Long Da Ding Seafood Restaurant(成龙大鼎海鲜酒楼)

Fare: About 80 RMB per person
Recommended Dishes: Dading Dishes
Location: 2/F, B, Haidian Wenhua Yishu Mansion, No.28A, Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District