Beijing Kung Fu Show

If you are a fan of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, you can’t miss this Kung Fu Show because this is 10 times amazing than both of them. You can see a man hit by a sledgehammer heavily and still safe; somebody can split a piece of  very thick slate into two part use only one hand;  you can see Qigong, which means the perfomer can jumper over a 5 meter high wall using his hand and foot easily etc. Bring your kids with you, you will have a wonderful night!

Kung Fu, (also known as Wushu ) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture with a history of thousands years. Nowadays, Kung Fu has developed into a sport to improve one’s health, fitness, reaction time, jumping ability, balance, flexibility, coordination, power and speed except for the means of self-defense.

It is said that “In external Kung Fu, you need to train your mascle, bones and skin; In internal Kung Fu, you need to train your mind”. The perfomers in the Show are all true Kong Fu Masters.  The audience will be captivated totally by their action. If you want to learn Chinese Kung Fu, Watching a real Chinese Kung Fu Show is a good start for you.

Kung Fu Major Houses:

Hong Ju Chang

Add: No.44, Worker’s cultural Palace, Xinfu Street, Chongwen District
Tel: 51652145