The Water Cube – National Aquatics Center

The Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) is located on the north side of the Beijing urban area. It is the venue for the 2008 Olympic Games swimming, diving and other water sports competitions. The building is very special, and the outer wall is composed of more than 3,000 irregular air pillow bubbles. The beautiful lights at night are a good place to shoot the night scene.

Inside of the water cube, the sun penetrated, only to find that the bubble that constitutes the outer wall is not only one layer, there are several layers, as if entering the inside of the stacked bubble, the fairy tale world of the mermaid princess. Many people see that the bubble has the desire to poke. The water cube exterior wall is composed of so many air pillow bubbles, but there is only one place that can satisfy the tourists’ desire to know whether the bubble is hard or soft. The 170-square-meter “bubble bar” in the southeast corner of the floor can’t touch the special membrane structure that makes up the bubble. Please also touch them in the “Bubble Bar” and love the Water Cube.


If you want to get in touch with the cool water, you can meet you at the swimming pool and water cube swimming pool on the first floor .

Swim in the pool used by the Olympic athletes and experience the feeling of being a sports star. The deep water area of the swimming pool cannot be taken casually. The staff on the sidelines have been walking around and looking very tight. There must be a deep water permit. When entering the water cube, you can ask the staff to apply for a deep water permit on the spot. After swimming 200 meters and treading water for 30 seconds. After the assessment, you can pay another 20 yuan deep water certificate fee, remember to bring a 1 inch photo. The swimming pool locker is free.

Water park

The Water Cube Waterpark has several water-based thrill rides and amusement facilities. Water Cube Waterpark Locker requires an additional rent and key card deposit. In the [park you can use a cash card which you can recharge the service desk in advance, and the balance will be refunded when you leave.

Both the swimming pool and the Water Cube Water Park have air conditioning, which is constant throughout the year and can be played in winter. It should be noted that there is no time limit for visiting the Water Cube and the Water Cube Waterpark, but there is a time limit for swimming. Each 2 hours includes bathing and changing clothes (additional water certificate plus 30 minutes), timeout is charged, and timeout is charged within 30 minutes. 20 yuan, 30 yuan for 30 to 60 minutes, 30 yuan for 60 minutes or more.

Shooting night scenes

At night, the Water Cube will light up the blue light of the main color, changing the color from time to time, and the red light of the nearby Bird’s Nest (National Stadium), like “Ice and Fire Two Heavens”, can shoot the night scene, the water cube is almost 21:30 in the evening. – Turn off the lights around 10:00, and don’t come too late to watch the night view.


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11 Tianchen E Rd, Chaoyang Qu, China




  • CN Name: 水立方(国家游泳中心)
  • Website:
  • EN Address: 11 Tianchen E Rd
  • CN Address: 北京市朝阳区天辰东路11号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuyuan
  • Getting There: Metro Line 8 Olympic Park station or Olympic Sports Center station, bus “Beichen West Bridge North” station can be reached on foot.

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