Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall is located to the northwest of the Beijing. It extends in all directions which is the reason it’s called Badaling. The scenery is steep and beautiful, and it is the essence of the Ming Great Wall scenery.

At Badaling, there is a northern wall section and southern wall section. North Great Wall, with 12 towers and is the most popular section to visit. The South Great Wall has towers.

Best viewing position

In addition to being in the city of Guancheng, you can climb the Great Wall to the South 4th watchtower, North 4th watchtower, North 8th watchtower, and North 11th watchtower.

The 8th watchtower of the north section is the highest building in the Badaling Great Wall it is a great location overlooking the Great Wall.

Riding a cable car

There are also cable cars to the 4th tower on the south and 8th watchtowers of the north. If you don’t want to walk, you can take the cableway directly to the enemy building, and then return to the cableway. It saves energy and makes it easy to play.

Surrounding dining

There is a commercial pedestrian street in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area. If you climb the Great Wall, you can rest and eat after going down the mountain. In addition to the high-end atmosphere of the Badaling Hotel (foreign-related hotels), there are also old Beijing-style restaurants such as noodles, noodles, and dumplings, as well as fast food such as Subway and Yonghe Soy Milk, which can be selected as needed. If you have enough energy, you can visit the Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall next to it , the Great Wall Museum of China and the Badaling Bear Park a little further away .

Special Notes
1. You can rent an audio guide (Chinese 20 yuan/time, foreign language 40 yuan/time, deposit 30 yuan/set) in the scenic area of Chengchengkou, the north-south cable car entrance, the full-circle cinema ticket office, and the north eighth floor. 2. There are two ropeways in the scenic spot, the North Line (Rolling Gully Parking Lot – North Eightth Floor) and the South Line (Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall – South Fourth Floor) 3. Visiting the Great Wall is far away, and the physical exertion is large. Remember to bring some drinks when you go to the Great Wall, but don’t overdo it. After going to the tower, the wind will be bigger, keep warm and safe in winter especially. 4. There are a lot of fake 877 at Deshengmen, asking for 80 yuan, don’t believe it. The regular 877 bus card is 6 yuan and the cash is 12 yuan. 5. for more detailed info on Badaling section inc. transport and maps see here.


Beijing Badaling Great Wall Cao’s Courtyard

Yanqing, China


  • CN Name: 八达岭
  • EN Address: Badaling Special Area, Yanqing County, Beijing
  • CN Address: 北京市延庆区
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Beijing Badaling Great Wall Cao’s Courtyard
  • Getting There: Take the suburban S2 train at Huangtudian Station and get off at Badaling Station; or take bus No. 877 or 919 at Deshengmen Station to Badaling Station. The Beijing Distribution Center has a direct line to Badaling, and there are also Badaling and Ming Tomb lines.

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