Houhai Bar Street

Houhai is directly north of Tian’anmen Square and was historically home to court officials and the city’s elite. Today, the area has noisy bars and restaurants. Lotus Lane and Yandai Xiejie are two popular strips along Qianhai Lake. The strip along the western bank of Qianhai and Houhai lakes is also popular, as well as the renovated Nanluoguxiang Hutong, east of the lake. All in all there are over 100 different bars here.

Apart from the bars and nightlife, there are several historic sites here including the Drum and Bell Towers and former residences of literati and court officials, including revolutionary author Guo Morou (18 Qianhai Xijie), Song Qingling, Sun Yat-sen’s widow (46 Houhai Beiyan), and Chinese author, Mao Dun (13 Yuanensi Hutong). Prince Gong’s Mansion, a courtyard home that housed He Shen, a corrupt member of Emperor Qianlong’s imperial guard, can also be found in the area.


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  • CN Name: 后海酒吧街
  • EN Address: Houhai Beiyan, ShiChaHai, Xicheng
  • CN Address: 北京市西城区什刹海后海北沿 邮政编码: 100009
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Iris Hotel Beijing Shi Cha Hai
  • Getting There: take subway line 8 to Shichahai Station (什刹海)
  • Open Hours: 20:00 to 2:00

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