Jingdong Grand Canyon

The Great Canyon in East Beijing about 90km from the city center, located north of Yuzishan Village, is composed of two scenic areas: the grand canyon and Jingtai Mountain. It is very convenient to travel from Beijing for a day trip. The Grand Canyon is surrounded by mountains and waters, and is ideal for relaxing exercises and taking pictures. There are also glass floor bridges, ropeways, slides and other entertainment projects in the scenic area, which is very exciting. 

Since its opening in 1992, many visitors have flocked to the area and it is a well-known scenic area in Beijing and Tianjin.The canyon, about three kilometers long, boasts of dozens of natural sceneries and landscapes, such as green mountain and crystal water, caves and ponds, waterfalls and springs.

The most suitable season for Jingdong Grand Canyon is summer. It is suitable for summer and cool, while other seasons are cold.

The general route for tourists to visit the scenic spot is to walk the canyon first, about 3 kilometers. There are some landscapes in the canyon to explore. Then take the cableway to the top of the well at the end of the canyon, watch the mountain scenery on the observation deck on the top of the mountain, then take the slide or sightseeing car directly back to the ticket office of the scenic spot, or return to the ropeway station to take the cableway and return from the original road in the canyon. However, the slide is a highlight in the scenic area, and most tourists will choose to take the slide down the mountain. It takes about 3-4 hours to play the entire scenic spot. There is a lake at the entrance to the scenic spot where you can experience a boating project for about 30 yuan/person. Walk inward again and enter the canyon. You need to climb up all the way. About 3 kilometers or so, you can finish in 1 hour.

There are many trees in the canyon, there are many pools of water, waterfalls, the environment is good, and it is very cool, suitable for relaxing in the summer. There are also landscapes and entertainments such as Guanyin Temple, Reclining Buddha and Tiesuo Bridge in the valley, which can be played one by one. It should be noted that the entertainment items along the way are basically charged separately, and you should ask before you play. At the end of the canyon is the cableway.

Entry is 30 RMB.


China, Beijing Shi, Pinggu Qu, Xiayu Rd, 山东庄镇鱼子山村京东大峡谷


  • CN Name: 京东大峡谷
  • Website: http://jddxg.china.b2b.cn/
  • EN Address: Yuzishan Village, Shandongzhuang County, Pinggu District, Beijing
  • CN Address: 北京市平谷区夏鱼路山东庄镇鱼子山村京东大峡谷
  • Getting There: Bus918 from Dongzhimen 7:30-16:00 30yuan
    Bus 14 from Dongdaqiao 7:30-16:00 40yuan
    Bus 111 from Chongwenmen 7:30-16:00 40yuan

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