Care City Shopping Mall

If you want to have some fun in South Beijing, you can’t miss Care City Shopping Mall. Located at Fengtai District, Care City is the first Shopping Mall of South Beijing, possessing of a total construction area 100000 square meters. This mall can be called huge, so sleep tight before you start your travelling then I promise you will have a great time there.

The Mall provides the one-stop shopping experience covering fashion, restaurants and entertainment. 1F to 3F are Boutique District, including some international fashion brands, such as H&M, ONLY, SELECTED, JACKJONES, NIKE and ADIDAS.

F4 gathers all kinds of delicacies, ranging from East to West, there is fast food chain KFC, there is Korean food Bibimbap, there is Chinese food Kung Paochichen and Mapo Tofu, whatever you like, there is a taste for you.

There is a five-star cinema-Poly Theater, offering exciting movies. Go to see a movie after the shopping with your family or friends, enjoying the audio-visual feast together. There is a game square possessing of an area of more than 1000 square meters, which is a fantastic place for the whole family to have fun together.

What can you get there:  jewelry,  cosmetics, household goods, fashion clothes, watches,  office supplies,  electronic goods and much more.

Price:  about 483 RMB per person.

Website:  no official website

How to get there:   About 800 meters away from Metro Line 4, Majiaobao Station.

Address:  Num.16, South Three Ring Road, Fengtai District. 地址: 丰台区南三环西路16号

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