Shihua (Stone Flower) Cave

The Stone Flower Cave is located in Fangshan district about 50km from central Beijing. The structure of the cave is multi-level and multi-branch and the whole tour route is about 2.5km.

The open part of the cave is decorated with colored lights. Together with various stalagmites and stone flowers, it forms a magical and magnificent landscape. It is suitable for both viewing and photography.  There are seven floors in the cave with four floors being open to tourists. There are 16 halls and more than 100 landscapes.

Entry tickets are 70 RMB and you can pay a little more to join a guided tour (Chinese Language). You may also like to include a visit to the nearby Jietai Temple (石花洞).


Holiday Inn Express Beijing Shijingshan Parkview

555 Tiancun Rd, Shijingshan Qu, Beijing, China, 100043

China, Beijing Shi, Fangshan Qu, 河北镇南车营村


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