Beijing’s #1 Shopping Destination: Wangfujing Street

What do you get when you combine a thousand-year-old commercial area, traditional snack stalls, time-honored local brands, today’s hottest global brands, and modern glitzy malls?

Wangfujing Street Beijing. One of China’s most famous shopping streets. The entire street is over 1.5 km long but the pedestrian section is the main area of focus and it begins one block from Wangfujing Station and heads north for about 800 meters.



Large malls along the street include

Beijing APM (Song Don An)

Intime Lotte Department store

The Malls at Oriental Plaza



Other Interesting landmark stores

Wangfujing Bookstore

Foreign Languages Bookstore

Xin Zhong Guo Children’s Goods Store

Yong Zheng Tailors Shop

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Tianfuhao eating house

Wuyutai Tea House

Wangfujing Gongmei Emporium

Buyingzhai, Neiliansheng, Tongshenghe shoe shops

Daiyuexuan writing brushes store

Daoxiangchun and Xiangjugong cake shops

Jianhua fur garment store

Jiguge antique store

Majuyuan and Shengxifu hat stores

Ruifuxiang silk store

Wangmazi scissors shop

Yuanchanghou tea house



Big Brands

You can find many flagship stores here including Apple, Casio, Prada, GAP, Burberry, Bally, Tudor, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, TAGHeuer, Adidas, NIKE, ZARA, Cartier, Rolex, Giordano



No shortage of things to Eat!

Wangfujing Snack Street (王府井小吃街) is a must, a whole selection of China’s most famous delicious snacks to chow down on. Looking to eat a scorpion on a stick? You’ll also find that here too.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (全聚德) is another must, get there early to beat the rush.

Donglaishun Restaurant (东来顺) – over 100 years old with a menu just as long.



The top hotels on Wangfujing Street are numerous and include

Beyond Wangfujing Pedestrian Street

After the pedestrian section, which ends at the major intersection with Dong’anmen Street, there are still more shops but possibly the major attraction in this section is St. Joseph’s Wangfujing Church (王府井天主堂). It’s one of the four historic churches of Beijing and was built back in 1655.


Getting There: The easiest way to reach the pedestrian street section is via the subway line 1 and get off at Wangfujing Station

Shop hours: generally from 10 am to 10 pm.

Chinese Name: 王府井大街


WangFuJing, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100006


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